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Hermann Farm is Missouri's premier destination that connects, engages, and educates people of all ages to Midwestern rural traditions through living history interpretation, tours, and seasonal celebrations.





The English Shire was spoken of in Medieval times as the Great Horse or the War Horse, whose strength, courage and gentle behavior during calamity reflected the Roman's first sighting of these majestic beasts.  King Henry VIII is attributed with adding to the breed's unique reputation by restricting breeding only for equines at 15 hands or higher.  Their name, Shire, was created out of the localities in England where these Gentle Giants were originally bred, areas including Lincolnshire and Cambridge-shire. With their size and docility, these resilient horses were often relied on by army forces to pull heavy equipment into war torn topography where conventional mechanical means were ineffective. Shires are also credited with greatly advancng agriculture and commerce in both England and the U.S, although with the widespread use of gas powered farming equipment, the breed approached extinction.  Designated a threatened species by the Livestock Conservancy, Shires are once again seeing a revival in their breed as riding, driving and farming horses. Hermann Farm has become a champion of the Shire and is actively participating in a breeding program to continue the advancement of these Gentle Giants